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I've had great success with PBS Pool Products. The introduction of the Skimmer Plug/Valve has been a great success. I have received nothing but positive feedbacks from our customers. The tabletops, samples, vendor support and displays have been a great asset to our branch. PBS Pool Products has been great in regards to customer relations and product support. It has been a great partnership. Thank you Dean. - D. Harmon
My experiences with PBS Pool Products and its owner Dean Beaton have been wonderful. Dean has created some high-quality and uniquely designed pool products, such as the Skimmer Plug /Valve and Emergency Shut-Off Switch Cover Plates. The feedback from my customers about these products has been extremely positive. These products not only help make the pool maintenance jobs easier but also increase the overall standards of the pool and spa industry. Moreover, the prices of these useful and innovative pool products are more than reasonable and the value surely exceeds the costs. I would highly recommend PBS Pool Products to all pool service specialists. - B. DeVanna
The Skimmer Plug / Valve simplifies my job and actually saves me time for commercial pool cleaning with multiple skimmers. It is one of the best pool products I use. - Carl Boucher, Experienced pool service specialist since 1961


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